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PKC - PacKageCommader

PKC is a package manager utility. It can install a binary package ( Debian or RPM ) or from source file ( tar.bz2, tar.gz or from a source directory ). With it, you can easily configure, build and install the source file, and you can easily make a Debian, an RPM or/and a simple tar.bz2 binary package. And of course you can make some querys over the installed packages ( in alphabetik, in size order, or in group order).


The program needs only the ncurse and the GTK+ library. The installation is monitored with the installwatch program, so if you want to make a binary package, you need this program too.

2005. 10. 31.:
Released the pkc-0.9alpha.

2004. 08. 26.:
Released the pkc-0.8rc1.

Small documentation with screenshots


It is recommended to download the source from cvs. Every new bugfix appears first in the cvs tree.
The command to get the source from cvs tree:

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sf.net:/cvsroot/pkc checkout pkc

To update the existing source, go to the pkc directory and:

cvs update -dP

The releases can be dowloaded from here.
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